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This is a collection of obscure SSM-related audio odds and ends that we thought it would be fun to share. If you're trying to determine what the bands that make up Suburban Sprawl Music 'sound like,' you should browse through the catalog and listen to the sample MP3's, or check out the MP3 links on the main page.

There is a podcast of these files available here.

"Totally Awesome (Demo)" - The Next-Door Neighbors

This demo was recorded in 2004 for the purposes of teaching The Next Door Neighbors all the parts to the songs. I'm playing pretty much everything, except for the synth line, which is Darin. The point was just to get the ideas across, which is why I didn't care that there are some significant drum stumbles. The lyrical concept for this song, about how great it would be to turn into a butterfly, was Darin's idea. When we were "brainstorming" for the lyrics, I typed out notes of our basic idea for the song, as a reference point, not intended to be actual lyrics: "I was a worm, now I'm awesome. Awesome." Somehow, this ended up being the chorus to the song, and somehow it works. After The Next Door Neighbors' demise as a live band, The Pop Project made this song its own, with a few changes. - Dave

"(These) Hands (Will Strangle You)" - Army / Navy

This track has another of Denis's brilliant song titles. I wrote this when I was feeling fed up with all the bullshit that comes along with being in a band and knowing people in bands and hanging out with bands and listening to bands - you can probably tell. But here I am, still in a band so I guess that tells you something. I still haven't gotten any play because of it, but there are good parts, you know, like spending long hours in the car with the same people and sitting around in half-empty coffeehouses not even being able to smoke cigarettes while listening to some asshole cover Eve6 on an out of tune Peavey Raptor. So yeah, all the right reasons. - Chris

"Looking For Danger" - The Metros

The Metros were a band that Dave Lawson and I played in while we were in high school. Dave played the drums, while I handled bass duties. This song is a cover of The Pack's "Looking For Danger" from their great self-titled record from 1977 or 78 (I'm not sure). This was recorded during the second sessions for our self-titled record, which was in the summer of 1999. It was eventually released on a 7 inch by the wonderful Dirtnap Records out of Portland. - Zach Curd

"Broach For Two" (Demo) - Child Bite & Zach Curd

This is the first ever Child Bite song. I recorded Danny & Zach's drum and bass improv in my basement, chopped up & rearranged all the parts, and then laid down all of my vocals, keys, guitar, and samples. The other Zach (Curd) had an idea for a new chorus, which he demoed on his own and spliced into the original demo. - Shawn

"Deep Dark Dungeon" - Javelins

Another ridiculous song by 2 parts javelins (Matt & Matt). - Julian

"What is Adoptor?" - Army / Navy

Another track that has a couple of different incarnations and was sort of released but not really. Funkadelic meets Trans Am. Our only instrumental song ever (does anyone with a vocalist do those anymore?). After the recording session at which this was laid down, Adam Kempa, when asking about what tracks we recorded referred to this one as the "best song ever." While I (and the Kempa of the present) probably disagree with that, take it for what you will. - Chris

"Nervous" - Superautomatic

This is a song by my high school band Superautomatic, co-written by myself and the other guitarist Steve Oben. It's funky, and at the time I thought the lyrics were really clever. Also: there's swearing. - Will

"89X Homeboy Show" - Javelins

Julian was interviewed about the Javelins' next record on 89X's "Homeboy show" on Sunday, May 7th. MP3 courtesy of Aaron Rickle. - Adam

"Secondary Players (Demo) - Zach Curd

This is the home demo I did for "Secondary Players." The Pop Project features this song at almost every show. Note the midi baritone sax hits on the second verse. CLASSY. The house music section idea was dropped due to "could we do this live?" issues. - Zach

"Vegetables (Beach Boys)" - The Pop Project

This is a Beach Boys cover from an Aaron Warshaw Wednesday night at the Magic Stick in 2001. How fun! - Zach

"We Will Not Rock You" - The Recital

This was one of the few songs written during the "Chord Chord..." era that we never ended up releasing. After recording 4-track demos of this and 'Neighbors' on the 4th of July, 2000, we re-recorded both songs with Brad Allen. I think we stopped playing this song because the ending vocals were too high for Chris, but I remember one particulary disasterous rendition (turned in while opening for the Faint) that also played a role in it's disappearance from the setlist. In retrospect, I really like this song. - Adam

"Appetite For Construction" - Army / Navy

This is like version 2.6 of 4 different incarnations this song went through. All other versions have different lyrics and while the recording quality of version 4.0 (which appeared on our unreleased full-length that you can't get anyway) is probably a little bit better, this one's merits rest on better execution of the vocal harmonies and countermelodies. A special thanks goes out to Aerosmith for help on the bridge. - Chris

"What'd You Get For Christmas" - The Next Door Neighbors

This song was written/recorded by Zach, Darin Ficcorelli, and I the same night as "I Accidentally Slept Through Christimas" and "Greatest Christmas Hits Ever." This wasn't a real attempt at a song but just a warm-up to get in the Christmas mood. Unfortunately, I was the scrooge in this song. - Dave

"Greatest Christmas Hits Ever" - The Next Door Neighbors

This is a failed Christmas song recorded for last year's comp. The idea was that Zach, Darin, and I would just sing the titles to famous Christmas songs (which we'd written down in a list) while I made up chords on the guitar. We tried it multiple times, but this, the first attempt, was probably the best. Instead of this idea, we ended up writing "I Accidentally Slept Through Christmas" that night, which is on the 2004 comp with Matt Rickle on drums. - Dave

"Mopping Chronicles (Walla Remix)" - Red Shirt Brigade

This version of 'Mopping Chronicles,' from RSB's 'Home of the Cannon Saints' was remixed by Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie, who produced the record. He turned it into a Bjork-ish showcase for Dan's dry vocals. I like this version better than the one on the album, even. - Adam

"Tight-Fittin' Jeans" - The Recital

This impromptu 'song' was inspired by a show we played at a Venue of the same name. I think we recorded the song before the show actually happened. During our set, Rob played drums atop a wobbly piece of plywood, balanced precariously across a pool table. A few seconds of this performance were televised on FOX 2's evening news. - Adam

"Between-Song Samples" - Javelins

These are a bunch of samples we used live in our early days. They are pretty ridiculous, but that's the way we like it. Most notable is the newscaster speech used at the begining of 'Subsaharan.' Also, the James Bond clip was orginally going to be used in 'Underwater Film Crew,' but I recorded it live instead. - Matt

"Songwriters In Love" - Dave Lawson

This song was written as part of my response to songwriter Sarah Brosch's songs about me. This was the least topical of the bunch, just a quick knockoff about the silly fantasies that I entertained at the initial thought of dating another songwriter. Warning: If you eat dessert all the time you'll feel like shit, so don't follow this one literally. All my other songs are serious instructions though. - Dave

"Dirty Boots" - Javelins

This is one of the first songs we wrote as a 3-piece. It was never properly recorded, but often played live in the early days. We have since retired it, but it still holds a special place in our hearts. Enjoy! - Matt

"Na Na Na Na" - The Pop Project

This outtake from the "Let's Eat Green Beans" sessions features The Pop Project inexplicably breaking into the 'Batman' theme after I flubbed the intro to "Leave It All Now." You can hear Dave Knepp scream "Batman!" from the drum room at the end. Fun - Zach

"Other Chord" - MST3K

In the early days of the Recital, Practices were held on Saturday afternoons. These would often devolve into screenings of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. This is a sample of the quip that titled our first EP, from Episode 907: "Hobgoblins." - Adam

The Kickstand Band

The Kickstand Band
"Puppy Love"

The Fruiting Bodies

The Fruiting Bodies
"Wilderness Pill"

Love Axe

Love Axe


"Desktop 2"

Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage
"Dearly Beloved"

The Recital

The Recital
"The Succulent Leftovers EP"


"Desktop EP"

The Word Play

The Word Play
"How I Became Illustrated"


"Heavy Meadows"

The Pop Project

The Pop Project
"Stars of Stage and Screen"