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Scott Allen & The Breakdance


Out of Print

"The Selfish Sweetness"

     2nd solo album from Scott Allen (Currently of Thunderbirds are Now!). Recorded at his home in Livonia and features plenty of guests, including his brother, his dad, and a few Javelins.

1. "Computer Adios"  
2. "Naked Hearts"  
3. "The Selfish Sweetness"  
4. "Bed Hopping"  
5. "The Famous Acrobat"  
6. "She's So Nicotine"  
7. "Snow Bicycle"  
8. "The Feed Back"  
9. "Laughing Gas"  
10. "Murder History"  
11. "Welcome Oblivious"  
12. "Party Hats"  
13. "Ma! Ma! Ma!"  
14. "Early Morning Tells A Story"