Suburban Sprawl Music

Various Artists


Out of Print

"Home Recording Series Volume One"

     Featuring 3 tracks each from Adamís Castle, Judah Johnson, The Recital, and Scott Allen and The Breakdance. These limited edition CDs are hand packaged into fancy letter pressed cardboard sleeves.

1. Adam's Castle -
"Juice Pipe"  
2. Adam's Castle -
"Santa Maria"  
3. Adam's Castle -
"Sandal Jive (Live at Baker's)"  
4. Judah Johnson -
5. Judah Johnson -
"Don't Go"  
6. Judah Johnson -
"There's No Shame in Letting Go"  
7. The Recital -
"Weapons On Weekends"  
8. The Recital -
"When a Fellow Gets Fresh"  
9. The Recital -
"Trucker Chuckle"  
10. Scott Allen & The Breakdance -
"Good Suggestions"  
11. Scott Allen & The Breakdance -
"The Parade of Ugly Voices"  
12. Scott Allen & The Breakdance -
"Darling, I Wish You Were Dead"