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Various Artists


Out of Print

"Home Recording Series Volume Two"

     Featuring 3 tracks each from The Pop Project, The Rants, Saturday Looks Good To Me, and South South Million. These limited edition CDs are hand packaged into fancy letter pressed cardboard sleeves.

1. The Pop Project -
"What Did I Say?"  
2. The Pop Project -
"Holy Fool"  
3. The Pop Project -
4. The Rants -
"In The Middle"  
5. The Rants -
6. The Rants -
"U.S. Mail"  
7. Saturday Looks Good To Me -
"Parking Lot Blues"  
8. Saturday Looks Good To Me -
9. Saturday Looks Good To Me -
"Lift Me Up"  
10. South South Million -
"Actor Victims"  
11. South South Million -
"Our Stranger Bells"  
12. South South Million -
"Pre Downlighters"