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"Awake & Dreaming"

     'Awake' is about being awake, concious and real. 'Dreaming' is about the opposite of all of that - it is dreams as songs and songs as dreams. This is one album, divided into two seperate, but inseperable parts.

1. "Let's Dream Together"  
2. "Tokyo"  
3. "The Rope"  
4. "New Science"  
5. "Let's Get Mythological"  
6. "Let's Dream Together"  
7. "Tri-Colored Tricycles Floating in an Orange Sky"  
8. "Tons"  
9. "Dance of the Shrubbery"  
10. "Jumping Down a Never-ending Staircase"  
11. "Chopping Up Vampires"  

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