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Child Bite


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"Wild Feast"

     Get ready! Featuring Danny and Zach from El Boxeo and Shawn Knight of SSM Design / New Grenada fame.

1. "Bone / Sleep"  
2. "From the Eighteen Hundreds"  
3. "Double Wildcat"  
4. "Swamp Art"  
5. "Broach for Two"  
6. "Macho Meal"  
7. "Gash Eyes"  
8. "The Scoops Are Coming"  
9. "Jungle Math"  
10. "Good Arm Giver"  
11. "Wink Wave (With a)"  

Child Bite - Hi-Res Photo
Child Bite

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    Danny Sperry
    Zach Norton
    Shawn Knight
    Sean Clancy
    Christian Doble