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Child Bite


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"Gold Thriller"

     Half the number of songs as their debut yet nearly the same length. Packaged in a screen printed chipboard case w/ metallic gold printing, and includes a 27 minute "making of" video shot by the band.

1. "I Like Friends"  
2. "Don't Do What Your Body Tells You To Do"  
3. "Gudavia"  
4. "Ape Along"  
5. "(Midnight at)"  
6. "The Muscle Chalet"  
7. "Body Buddies"  

Child Bite - Hi-Res Photo
Child Bite

- SSM020 Onesheet
- Hi-Res Band Photo
- Hi-Res Band Photo 2
- Bio / One-Sheet (pdf)

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    Danny Sperry
    Zach Norton
    Shawn Knight
    Sean Clancy
    Christian Doble