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"Exquisite Luxury"

     Child Bite gets the remix treatment on this stunning, elegant release. Scott Allen's (Thunderbirds Are Now!) four remixes provide an instant drunken-party vibe (with sly nods to artists like Jay Z and Hall & Oates), which is perfectly contrasted by Vice Cooler's (XBXRX/Hawnay Troof) three hallucinatory workout/occasionally booty-esque remixes. CD contains videos for each song plus a bonus remix by Zach Curd.

1. "Wink Wave (With A) by Vice Cooler"  
2. "Bone/Sleep by Scott Allen"  
3. "Swamp Art by Vice Cooler"  
4. "From the Eighteen Hundreds by Scott Allen"  
5. "Gash Eyes by Vice Cooler"  
6. "Broach for Two by Scott Allen"  
7. "Double Wildcat by Scott Allen"  

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Child Bite

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