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"No Plants Just Animals + EP"

     Javelins' No Plants Just Animals album gets its "repress on" with their first EP included as bonus tracks! The whole shebang is newly remastered by Lord Collin Dupuis of Castle Dupuis from high atop Mt. Dupuis, and it sounds great. For those who have been coveting a physical copy of NPJA since it went out of print, this one's for you!

1. "This Evening's Course"  
2. "Love Poems, Vol. 2"  
3. "Square Hips"  
4. "Underwater Film Crew"  
5. "Two Sided Fame"  
6. "Subsaharan"  
7. "Origami Heart"  
8. "Astronominal"  
9. "Eyes On The Sparrow"  
10. "Breaking Bottles, Breaking Hearts"  
11. "Pirate Song"  
12. "So Asian?"  
13. "Escapo"  
14. "Go Go Goblin!"  

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