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"Fantastic Gusts of Blood"

     Venom, Guts, Mountains, Bananas, Bulls, Eggs, Fleas, Rainbows, Jewels, Barracoutas, Bats, Eyes. Child Bite's 2nd album.

1. "Venom Bowl, Kids Guts"  
2. "Never-Ending Mountain Slammer"  
3. "Banana Gorgon"  
4. "White Bull From The Sea"  
5. "Back To The Deep Egg Or: His Fleas Became All The People"  
6. "The Rainbow Churn"  
7. "Jewels Rules"  
8. "Barracouta Mouth"  
9. "In The Bat House"  
10. "100 Eyes"  

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Child Bite

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    Danny Sperry
    Zach Norton
    Shawn Knight
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