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"Heavy Meadows"

     Javelins' new album! The sonic mystery known only as Heavy Meadows. Come along with the three known as Javelins as they explore the journeys untamed and profound of long lost love and friendships true. Assisted by the Suburban Sprawl Music collective, Heavy Meadows was put to record at Key Club Studios in sunny Benton Harbor, MI by Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins. Ten tracks beautifully interwoven with the delicate breeze of a lover's whisper beckoning you to press on. Enjoy!

1. "Flowers"  
2. "Heavy Meadows"  
3. "The Pounding"  
4. "El Dorado"  
5. "Roman Saints"  
6. "Out On the Sand"  
7. "Pickup Lines"  
8. "Entropy"  
9. "Connected"  
10. "Red Handed"  

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