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"Heavy Meadows (Limited Edition Vinyl)"

     This is a special limited edition pressing of Javelins' Heavy Meadows album. Limited to only 200 copies, this thing goes all out for you.

  • The jackets were designed by Shawn Knight and lovingly screenprinted by VGKids.
  • The 140 gram vinyl is a tasty orange color (with the occasional white or black swirl).
  • It comes with a CD version of the album attached to it (with new disc face artwork).
  • Aaaaaannnndd, it's held together by magnets.

    Needless to say, these were also hand-assembled. Fancy fancy. Scoop 'em up while they're here!

    1. "Flowers"  
    2. "Heavy Meadows"  
    3. "The Pounding"  
    4. "El Dorado"  
    5. "Roman Saints"  
    6. "Out On the Sand"  
    7. "Pickup Lines"  
    8. "Entropy"  
    9. "Connected"  
    10. "Red Handed"  

  • Javelins - Hi-Res Photo

    - SSM025V Onesheet
    - Hi-Res Cover Image
    - Hi-Res Band Photo
    - Hi-Res Band Photo 2
    - Bio / One-Sheet (pdf)

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        Matt Rickle
        Julian Wettlin
        Matt Howard