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Desktop 2

"Desktop EP"

     Desktop is Keith Thompson from Johnny Headband / Electric Six and Zach Curd from The Pop Project.

Desktop is unlike Curdís and Thompson's other projects, meeting somewhere between Stevie Wonder, New Order and 80s Detroit techno. Thompsonís thick and driving bass lines and Curdís rich, reverb-drenched harmonies stand out as highlights of their debut self-titled EP. The EP was completely collaborative from the onset, with Thompson and Curd constantly revising each otherís contributions, at all times pushing for the goal of a better song. Thompson and Curd developed the recordings completely via the internet, never actually working on anything together in the same room.

This release is available in two formats:
1) A free digital version on Desktop's website,
2) A limited edition 12" single (limited to 200 copies), with letterpressed jackets. The 12" also comes with a free "digital" version on a 3.25" floppy disk.

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1. "Liberty"  
2. "Fired Up"  
3. "Too Much"