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Arranged Marriage


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"Dearly Beloved"

     Arranged Marriage is a father (Brad Allen) and son (Scott Allen). Dearly Beloved is the record they made together at home. They indulged in their mutual musical loves, and they took their time. They built a home studio, learned Protools and experimented with trashcans as drums.

The product, Dearly Beloved, is a gorgeous and fun investigation of their common ground. Moving from piano-pop, to country, to classic American rock, the album never sits idle.

Gorgeous gatefold vinyl with CD inside!

1. "Sit Alone"  
2. "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright"  
3. "Is All Mine"  
4. "What My Dreams Convey"  
5. "Not A Waste Of Time"  
6. "Empty Bottles"  
7. "Brand New"  
8. "Now Or Never"  
9. "All The Way"  
10. "The Incentive"  
11. "Try And I Try"  
12. "What Should I Do"