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"Volume Plus Volume Plus"

      This is the story of Rescue from inception up until the Flamingo MInutes EP. Released by the kind folks at Forge Again Records, this 19-song (!) 2xCD combines their out-of-print Even People And Not The Odds EP with their Volume Plus Volume CD, which is also out-of-print.

1. "Pswingset"  
2. "Like Deja Vu Like Deja Vu"  
3. "Like Spaceships"  
4. "Shoes and Chairs"  
5. "Hey Guy, Story of My Life, Ya Know?"  
6. "Your Energy Entertains Me"  
7. "Fuck Pecking Order"  
8. "A Rescue Mission: The In-Prison Decision"  
9. "You Should Go Into Politics"  
10. "Word From the Man"  
11. "Like Spaceships"  
12. "The Mel Bay Way"  
13. "You Can Be a Werewolf if You Want to"  
14. "Sorry, Please Try"  
15. "Already Happened"  
16. "We're From Detroit"  
17. "Yeah Bro, This is How The Story Goes"  
18. "Hey Guy, Story of My Life, Ya Know? (Demo)"  
19. "Like Spaceships Remix"  


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