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"One Scene To Another"

     "There have been countless tribute records for influential bands and songwriters. To my knowledge, there has never been a tribute to a specific crop of bands or movement in music. 2004 marks 10 years since Mike and I first fell in love with Canadian indie pop music. While the other kids in high school paid 40 dollars to see bands like Tool and Rage Against the Machine play the Palace, Mike and I were busy driving to London, Ontario to see Thrush Hermit and the Inbreds play at the Embassy. Through the years, we noticed many other Detroit kids who frequented the same shows we did. Many of them would eventually start their own bands. Plumline's newest release is a tribute featuring Detroit area musicians covering classic songs by some of our favorite Canadian bands. - Nicole (New Grenada)

     Features exclusive tracks from the Recital, The Pop Project, and El Boxeo.

1. New Grenada -
"Smother (Eric's Trip)"  
2. Mood Elevator -
"Money City Maniacs (Sloan)"  
3. The Hard Lessons -
"Karate Man (The Superfriendz)"  
4. The Recital -
"Follow (Eric's Trip)"  
5. The W-Vibe -
"French Inhale (Thrush Hermit)"  
6. Spy Island -
"Ali (Jale)"  
7. Ten Words for Snow -
"I Dig You (Zumpano)"  
8. The Trembling -
"G Turns To D (Sloan)"  
9. Anthony Rochon -
"The News of Your Son (Joel Plaskett)"  
10. El Boxeo -
"Amelia Earhart (The Inbreds)"  
11. The Pop Project -
"The Only Reason Under the Sun (Zumpano)"  
12. I Choose Nebraska -
"At My Expense (Thrush Hermit)"  
13. Fire Engine Red -
"You Are All I Have (Hayden)"  
14. Tiny Steps -
"10 Lbs. (The Superfriendz)"  
15. Direct Radar Turtle -
"Just For Little (The Hardship Post)"  
16. Kalkaska -
"My My (Plumtree)"