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"Let's Eat Green Beans"

     The Pop Project's 1st full length. Really, its not very good. Sorry.

1. "Act It Out"  
2. "All I Want"  
3. "Persuasion"  
4. "Amends"  
5. "The Candy Song"  
6. "(I Got) Anne Stack"  
7. "Cybersexkitten"  
8. "Brand New Start"  
9. "Unwanted 47"  
10. "The Happening"  
11. "Scrapers"  
12. "Leave It All Now"  
13. "Till Tomorrow Comes"  
14. "When She Smiles (Every Rare While)"  

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The Pop Project

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- Dave Lawson
- Zach Curd
- Adam Kempa
- Will Yates

Wednesday, May 7th
The Kickstand Band, Calliope Musicals, Static Dial
@ The Berkley Front (Berkley, Michigan)
18+, Doors at 9PM