Suburban Sprawl Music
May 16
May 2014! What a time to be alive. Both The Kickstand Band and Javelins are working on new material. How exciting. KSB are gigging around this summer, hitting both the North By Northeast festival in Toronto and The Ann Arbor Summer Festival in Ann Arbor in June. - Zach C.

September 11th
What up doggs! JAVELINS have new music! It comes in the form of a really nice 7 inch record, and has two new songs. Really nice, really fun, really cool, really friendly, really strong. All of the things you've come to expect from the Javelins dudes. You want to order it? Well, just click here to order it in the Quack store. - Zach C.

June 10th
Hello. Welcome to our home page on the net. The Kickstand Band have been slamming and jamming all over lately to support their debut, Puppy Love. They also made a video for "Still Thinking Of You Tonight," which you can watch by clicking THIS LINK HERE. Would you like to read some positive reviews of Puppy Love? You do? Well then, click here, and here. - Zach C.

October 16th
The Kickstand Band's Puppy Love comes out November 6th, and their release show is Saturday November 10th at PJ's Lager House in Detroit! Also on the bill are Lightning Love and Deadbeat Beat. Get a free download of "Still Thinking Of You Tonight" from Puppy Love at! - Zach C.

September 12th
Things are picking back up a little bit these days. The Kickstand Band's debut, Puppy Love will be out November 6th on vinyl w/ CD. Javelins are almost done with a 7 inch of new material. The Pop Project have been working on harmony parts for their new album for the past several months. - Zach C.

June 12th
The Fruiting Bodies - "Wilderness Pill" 7 inch is out today! Digitally, you can get it at all the usual suspects. Here's the iTunes link. Physically, get it here, The Quack Store, Amazon, or ask your local record store. They should be able to get it no probbie.

Detroit Metrotimes liked it, so should you! - Zach C.

May 23rd
Debut 7 inch from Seattle's The Fruiting Bodies out June 12th, 2012. Available for pre-order here and on the Quack Store. Limited to 500 copies, these 2 songs are crazy brutal, but more brutal like the ocean and not brutal like fire. - Zach C.

August 26th
Hey y'all. Things are busy as usual around here. Just making a quick news update to welcome The Kickstand Band to the SubSprawl family. They are a great 3 piece band, and we'll be releasing their first full length album, Puppy Love in 2012 at some point! - Zach C.

January 11
Happy 1/11/11! You made it! Our newest release is Phenomenomenons by Love Axe, which is out TODAY.

Love Axe is Chris Hatfield and Heath Johnson, great buds and talented dudes. You might remember them both from Army/Navy (SSM009), or just Chris from Those Transatlantics (SSM015). Phenomenomenons is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Pick it up today. They spent years on this thing and you can tell. You won't regret it! - Zach C.

January 7th
Hey! Just wanted to pop in and say hello! 2010 was a pretty good year for us sprawlies. We put out a few releases, Desktop 2 by Desktop, Dearly Beloved by Arranged Marriage, and of course our annual holiday compilation. All of those releases are great and fun and the best thing of all time. ALL TIME.

We also had a good year regarding getting our tunes out into the world. A handful of MTV shows, some car commercials, and probably a few more I'm forgetting. Yay.

Keep an eye out for new releases by Love Axe, The Pop Project, Javelins and likely some others in 2011.

PS our holiday sales are still up for a little while longer in the Quack Media webstore. Get at 'em if you love deals.

Here's to a great 2011!
- Zach C.

April 1st
We have a release coming out at the end of the month. Arranged Marriage's Dearly Beloved. Arranged Marriage is Scott Allen and his dad, Brad Allen. They made a really great record together, and it'll be available here on 4/20.

Of course, you can PREORDER IT AT THE QUACK ONLINE STORE and get some FREE Red Shirt Brigade CDs in the process. Woo!

What else? Everyone is writing mode right now! Javelins, The Pop Project and Desktop are all working on new stuff. Exciting!

Oh also! Check out, like, 3 seconds of The Pop Project's "Hearts And Flowers" in this commercial for the Ford Escape! - Zach C.

September 29th
Desktop have a new free online EP to celebrate the physical release of their other free online EP. The DESKTOP EP is available today in physical form (12 inch vinyl with floppy disk), and also available for purchase via online retailers (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3, etc). To celebrate, check out the MY BOO EP. It features Desktop's cover of Ghost Town DJs' 1996 classic, "My Boo" plus two remixes of songs from the DESKTOP EP. "Fired Up" was remixed by one of Keith's groups, Johnny Headband and "Too Much" was remixed by Dave Shettler (Rodriguez, SSM, Koufax). - Zach C.

June 5th
We're moving our stuff to a new warehouse, so in attempt to get our butts in gear, we're having a super sale with Quack. 10 CDs for 10 bucks. Delicious! Check it out here! - Zach C.

April 6th
Javs time. Javs time. The super fancy limited edition of Heavy Meadows is available here. I don't want to say that I'm surprised at how well it's selling, but I do want to say that you should probably order it now if there's some sort of PURCHASE DEBATE going on in your head. Also of note is that the band's Daytrotter Session went up last week. Check it out! - Zach C.

February 25th
Tour dates, tour dates, tour dates. Check out everybody's tour dates here. Also: if you're going to be in Austin for South By Southwest this year, RSVP for our party with Quack Media and Found Magazine here! - Zach C.

December 1st
The 2008 edition of our holiday compilation is up today, and you can download that sucker here! 2 hours and 14 minutes of holiday goodness await! - Zach C.

November 17th
Check it out! Four short tidbits of news:

1. We're experimenting with insane sales. They are named The Erik Koppin, The Adam Kempa, The Zach Curd, and The Everything. Each deal is amazing and will change your life forever.

2. The Word Play's debut album, How I Became Illustrated is available for purchase now. It won't HIT THE STREETS OR THE INTERNET STREETS until December, so this is your chance to be super cool. This will also change your life forever.

3. Our annual Holiday Compilation will be online around December 1st. So feel free to get super excited about that possibly changing your life forever.

4. While not taking up much real estate on the subsprawl front page, the new Suburban Sprawl Blog takes up so much real estate in our hearts. This blog is changing everyone's lives forever. - Zach C.

July 29th
Ohhh light of lights. Today is the day. Javelins' Heavy Meadows is now out! Those dudes worked very hard on that lil meadow, and the artwork was lovingly put together by Lord Shawn Knight. Oh, you would like purchase the heaviest of meadows? Click right here! - Zach C.

June 12th
Tons o' le sprawl on the net as of late.

If you bothered to click any of those, you would have noticed that Detour has been showin' the love this week. Why? Because The Wordplay, The Pop Project, Javelins and Child Bite are all playing Detour's Rock City Festival this coming weekend. Details here. - Zach C.

May 29th
The Pop Project's long-awaited album, Stars of Stage and Screen is now ready for your earballs and eyebuds. After being a band for almost a decade now, Stars of Stage and Screen kind of qualifies as their first "proper" release. The Detroit Metrotimes has a review of the album this week, which you can read here. You can buy it here, and at any of their upcoming shows. - Zach C.

April 14th
4 tidbits of news!

1) We've started a new "online only" subcatalog. These will be free releases, and they will be awesome. The first one is Sea of Japan's Black Out the Stars. Download it HERE.

2) Child Bite's 2nd record, Fantastic Gusts of Blood is available for sale on this very website, and in "hot dealz" form on the Quack webstore.

3) Child Bite also have a new t-shirt available as well. You can check that right out HURR.

4) Did you catch Child Bite at the Pike Room on Saturday? How crazy was that show? Very crazy, yes. Did you get your photo taken with your favorite mythological beast? If so, you can grab your photo here, and then put it up on the face or the space.

Phew! - Zach C.

March 4th
Hoooo boy. Isn't news great? There's an interview with us over at Detour, and there's a crazy crazy crazy and crazy Javelins sale going down in the Quack! Media Store! - Zach C.

February 25th
There's a crazy CHILD BITE SALE goin' down in the Quack!Media store. Take advantage of it, because it'll only be up for the next week! - Zach C.

February 4
Our newest release is now available! Child Bite's Exquisite Luxury EP of remixes is for sale in our store! Do like metallic ink? If so, then check this out. - Zach C.

January 16th
SubSprawl pops up in two articles of journalism this week, in Detroit Metrotimes and Real Detroit Weekly. - Zach C.

December 27th
Hello! You look well. We here at SubSprawl Central have some pretty big news to share with you, browser of internet web sites. Let's get right to it, shall we? More here! - Zach C.

January 25th
Dudes! There are a ton of new things happening in our lil Suburban Sprawl camp lately, so I'll do my best to report it with eloquence and the grace of Princess Grace, the American monarch. It's not all gonna fit in this little compartment, though, so click here. Ok, cool, thanks. - Zach C.

January 16th
Hey bros and ladybros, NPR totally loves Sub Sprawl. Check out Child Bite on NPR's 'Open Mic' podcast.

They posted a photo and everything!
- Zach N.

December 17th
SSM's first foray into the world of Music Videos, Child Bite's 'Bone / Sleep' is finally up on youtube! Check it out here, and download the song here.

SSM has also been hanging out in other media a little bit recently. Those Transatlantics were named one of AMG's '25 Most Crushworthy Bands of 2006,' Rescue's 'Breaking My Own Heart' was recently featured on NPR's 'Open Mic' Podcast, and Real Detroit did a nice writeup on our fifth annual Holiday Comp.

Okay I think that's all. Have a radical last two weeks of 2006! - Adam

November 30th
Hey little snow bunnies. Need some holiday jams that you haven't heard a billion times before? Sweet! Check out for the 2006 Suburban Sprawl Music Holiday CD. It's 34 tracks you can download for free. Featuring members of the Subsprawl bands, plus Chris Bathgate, Daniel Johnson, Ryan Allen and so many more. Talk about stocking stuffers. - Zach N.

October 30th
This is just a reminder to everyone who can possibly vote, to please do so on Tuesday, November 7th. If you'd like to read up on the issues, you can do that on the Citizen's Research Council website.

You can find out your polling location, and see a mock up of your ballot here.

We had some hot-intense debate regarding whether or not we should include our candidate/proposal endorsements in this news update. It turns out, there's even disagreement in the subsprawl camp on the different issues. So, just go out and vote next Tuesday. It really is one of the greatest things about living in these United States.

For example, let's say you're really pumped about the possibility of a new animal fer shootin'. If that's the case, you can vote "yes" on prop. 3! America!

Erik suggests Jim Leyland for Governor. - Zach Curd

October 19th
The new Rescue album "Paranoid" is totally here! Check it out, here. Or, buy it from the band since they're on tour with our good buddies, Thunderbirds Are Now! (check those dates).

We're already working on the Subsprawl 2006 Holiday CD. I know, it's not even Halloween. We're worse than retail.

Great shows coming up. Child Bite is doing some regional dates. Hope to see you there.
- Zach N.

August 11th
Whoa, dudes! Another band? Yeah, that's right, Rescue will be releasing a limited run of their new album "Paranoid" on Sub Sprawl. Should have it out before October. We're pumped.

Those Transatlantics are the NPR World Cafe artist of the week. Check it out here, or in podcast form (I know, cool, right?) here. - Zachs C. and N.

July 20th
If you're not on our mailing list, you should be. You'll get a monthly email letting you know all the goings-on in the SSM world. Want to see what you're missing? Here are our June and July mailings, conveniently posted for your browsing pleasure.

Also, be sure to check out Brandon Z's videos from our Showcase at the Blind Pig earlier this month. He's posted one song each from the Javelins, Those Transatlantics, and Pop Project sets. - Adam

July 9th
Did you notice our two new releases? Not only is El Boxeo's Awake & Dreaming now available, but also the Sub Sprawl label sampler. It has two tracks from everybody on the label right now. That's 12 total!

Thanks to everybody who came out to the Summer showcase, it was terrific. Make sure to check out El Boxeo and Those Transatlantics on tour soon! - Zach N.

May 11th
The mini CD series is totally underway! We're kicking off the series with our great friends The Word Play. Their 3-song little masterpiece will be available FOR FREE, AT SHOWS ONLY. It's totally great, I was jamming it the whole time I was making those little guys. Hope you enjoy it. - Zach N.

April 18th
Could things be more awesome? No! Check out this interview that Adam and I did recently with Jeff at! - Zach

March 23rd
New site! Not only does it look new, but there are a few new things within it: the new Those Transatlantics full-length and the Javelins/Anathallo split 12" are both available online now. New pages on the site include a page that sums up what we're all about, a page that links up our buds/bros, and a page for the newest family member, Child Bite.

Several new albums are in the final stages of production too; The Pop Project's 3rd LP, El Boxeo's album "Awake & Dreaming", and Child Bite's debut are all super close to being ready for you.

Are you on the SSM mailing list? If not, you can sign up using the form on the left, and you can read this month's email here. - Shawn

December 15th
We just sent out our December Email update. If you're not on the mailing list, you should sign up in the green box below, but you can catch up on all the latest SSM goings on here in the meantime. - Adam

December 7th
Ho ho ho! This year's holiday compilation is online and ready to download! We've had a bunch of new contributors this year, plenty of old stand-by's, and we couldn't be more happy with the results. As a side note: we're not getting involved with that O'Reillian Christmas vs Holiday scandal. That just isn't our style.

You can download the compilation in its entirety here, or you can pick up a physical copy at any SSM Show in December. They're free. - Zach

November 9th
Suburban Sprawl Music was featured in both Detroit weekly newspapers this week!

Check out the Metrotimes' "Best of Detroit" article for a mention of Javelins/Suburban Sprawl as the best Indie Band/Label in Detroit.

Also check out Real Detroit Weekly for a kind review of The Pop Project's TGIF E.P. - Zach

November 6th
We sent out our first 'collaborative' update email this weekend. If you're not on the list, you can sign up in the green box on the left, and you can read November's news here.

We're trying to clean out the basement to make room for new releases, so we're running a few 'deals' this month. You can now get a copy of each of our first three releases:
  - Red Shirt Brigade's "Mock Election..." EP
  - This is Adelaide's Self Titled EP
  - Nymb's "So This is How it Is" LP
...for just five bucks. Click on the links for any of those releases to take advantage.

You can also pick up the last of the Recital or Pop Project T-Shirts for just $5.00. - Adam

October 19th
You can now subscribe to a podcast that is updated with the latest 'Audio Archive' entries as they are added.

The url to add The SSM Audio Archive Podcast is here.

If this makes no sense to you, you can read up on the basics of podcasts here. - Adam

September 20th
The end result of a ridiculous amount of effort is upon us: the Pop Project's TGIF EP is finally out! Features guest vocals from the Hard Lessons' Korin Cox, and a 5 minute 'in the studio' documentary video clip for those of you who put CDs in computers.

You can see a photo of the final product here.

We can't put up a full MP3 due to copyright restrictions (I know, I know), but there's a 'preview' MP3 with bits from each song here. - Adam

September 14th
There's a nice writeup on Suburban Sprawl Music in this Week's Metro Times. You can read it here. Doug Coombe took a bunch of photos of all the SSM bands for the article -- there's a really great one of everyone in front of Livonia City Hall here. - Adam

September 7th
We've finally added a bit more to the Suburban Sprawl website. The entire catalog is once again available online, and we're going to attempt to update the 'Audio Archive' section with an obscure SSM-related MP3 every Sunday night. Let us know if anything isn't working for you. Good times! - Adam

August 11th
The Recital's "Colour Up" is finally out. We worked on this thing for nearly three years, so it feels pretty good to finally have a finished product in our hands. Be sure to put it in your computer to check out some demo action. - Adam

The Kickstand Band

The Kickstand Band
"Puppy Love"

The Fruiting Bodies

The Fruiting Bodies
"Wilderness Pill"

Love Axe

Love Axe


"Desktop 2"

Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage
"Dearly Beloved"

The Recital

The Recital
"The Succulent Leftovers EP"


"Desktop EP"

The Word Play

The Word Play
"How I Became Illustrated"


"Heavy Meadows"

The Pop Project

The Pop Project
"Stars of Stage and Screen"